What 3 Things Will You Do Today for Your Resolutions?

How will you honor your promises to yourself? Just a few days ago, you made promises — resolutions — to yourself. What are three things you’re doing today to help you move you forward with them?

Go to the gym? Yes, even if it’s after work when you’re really tired.

Work on your resume so you can find a new job? This, too, might best be left for after work unless you’re dead certain your computer isn’t monitored.

Start networking online with the goal of building your professional network so you can make more sales and/or find a new position?

Start networking locally? Local groups are still critical to finding a new position; don’t discount their importance because of the internet. Go to lunches, exchange business cards.

Find new healthy recipes online? This is a great time of year to pick up new ideas since so many people are dieting and thinking about their health.

Write the pages you promised to yourself in your novel or screenplay? Yes, you. Those pages.

Remember to say your affirmations several times a day so you can create the life you want?

Create your affirmations so you know what ones you want to say?

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Compliment your kids or spouse even when you really want to yell at them? Yes, really. If you’ve resolved to stop yelling, it’ll be easier if you replace it with a new, positive habit, rather than just stopping the old. Resist yelling at your kids/spouse even if you really want to?

Put down your phone, iPad, or laptop and start interacting in a meaningful way because you want to spend more time with family and/or friends?

Stop hitting the snooze button so many times so you won’t start your day rushing around? I know people who do some very creative things, including putting their alarm clocks across the room and using multiple alarms. Do what you must do.

Go see a community theater performance or enjoy an art gallery because you promised yourself more culture?

Clean out the top shelf of the hall closet because you want to get more organized? (and tackling the whole thing after working all day is just too daunting?)

Bypass your coffee or lunch out to save money? If you’re saving up for something, it’s amazing how the little choices add up. For example, if you’re saving for a plane ticket for a vacation, you can have enough in just 90 days if you’re spending $4.50USD a day on a latte. Nothing against Starbuck’s, but wouldn’t you rather be sitting on a beach someplace someplace come April? ($4.50 x 90 = $405).

Say no when your co-workers want you step outside to smoke? It’s difficult because everyone wants an excuse to take a break, and plus there’s the camaraderie with your co-workers. But what’s more important: Your lungs or the social fix? Find the willpower to stay at your desk, and surf the web if you need a break.

Having 3 things firmly in your mind as your start your day – not just today, but everyday – will keep your resolutions alive and keep you on track for a successful year.

What are you doing today to further your resolutions?


What 3 Things Will You Do Today for Your Resolutions? — 2 Comments

  1. I just started a bussiness and peaple are not patronising what are the things i need to do to move the market. thanks you are my mentor

    • Happy to help where and how I can! Is your business online or bricks-and-mortar? What are you doing to market and tell people you’re there? Sometimes it just takes time, and a steady, consistent marketing effort should work to bring customers to you.

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