Facebook, facebook, and more facebook

Facebook ads using the Facebook capture page (named something fancy like the Perfect Facebook Capture Machine) have captured my attention this week as I fiddled with videos and different ad formats. A mistake — sending people to my fan page instead of to an ad — led to 1100 (and counting) likes of the page. Now, of course, I need to figure out what to do with the audience of 1100….overall, though, that seemed to be a good outcome.

Contrary to the advice given in Futuristic Marketing, I’m going to experiment with ads that take people from Facebook and directly to my Oxygen4Energy sites. The videos and other materials provided by corporate are so terrific that I can’t possibly imagine creating anything better to use on the capture page. Logically, it would seem like FB would want to make money from the ads no matter where they lead, but then, maybe that’s why they haven’t done so well since their IPO and why they’re struggling to come up with a reasonable business plan….

I’m now about 3 weeks into this and haven’t been past the first couple of training videos….yikes!  So much to learn in so many different areas at once.  Breathe…must breathe and realize I just need to take things one step at a time…..

Have you tried marketing on Facebook? How did it go? Please share your experiences.

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