Forty-nine days into Futuristic Marketing

I’m more than halfway through my 90-day Futuristic Marketing plan, so it’s time to assess where I am and what I’ve done:

I’ve studied all the Facebook Training modules.

I’ve set up 5 fan pages, and as I write this Goals Happen Here has 3,033 fans (is that a lucky number?). I reserved the domain name for Goals Happen Here on July 22nd, launched the site soon after (my first post was July 29th), and I created the Facebook page on August 13th.

I would never have reached nearly that many fans that fast without Futuristic Marketing , so many thanks to them.

The Facebook training led me to explore other internet marketing tools, and Goals Happen Here now has a presence on Google+, LinkedIn, Spiritual Networks, and Twitter.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m going to focus my efforts on two or three sites so I can develop meaningful relationships with readers.

I’ve also learned to develop memes, such as this one I created recently:

I’ve also learned that although photos and images are the most frequently liked and downloaded Facebook posts, videos overall are very important to internet marketing success. People like to see who they’re dealing with in action.

Alas, even though I first wrote about doing videos a few weeks ago, I have not yet tackled doing them. Yet. I’ve taken necessary, foundational steps: I have a camera, I have an intro clip, and I have outlines. But actual videos? No…..

Goals Happen Here had its first contest, a huge success.

AdSense is now a part of our pages to provide readers with more resources (and, honestly, to provide revenue!).  We’ve also been running on our ads on Facebook and Google, although less on Google than on Facebook.

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So it seems like I’ve done a lot with what I’ve learned so far in terms of building a foundation, but much more has to be done to grow from here.  What’s a bit daunting is that although I’ve studied all the Facebook modules on Futuristic Marketing, there are modules about webinars and other topics that I haven’t touched yet.  Many modules. But I do believe staying focused and getting results in one area first is key.

What do you think? What projects do you have going on, and how are you handling them?


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