Makeup, men and videos

Videos.  The deeper I go into Futuristic Marketing, the more I realize that a regular video blog (“vlog” — instead of v-log — I think is the hip and cool way to refer to it) is going to be a part of what I do.


I’ve been through the rationalizations (“people should embrace the written word,” “there are too many videos out there already,” and “I would rather read than watch, so everyone else should, too”) and I am now embracing the reality of the situation: If I want to succeed in creating the type of online community and interaction that I developed this site to do, I will have to use video.

Although I’m fairly lucky to have had experience in front of a camera, it’s always involved a certain amount of formality….like makeup.  Hair with more pizazz than a pony tail. Clothing not appropriate for the gym.

My work-at-home daily appearance is not such a pretty picture, and putting it all in digital motion doesn’t help.

So far, all the big advocates of videos — the people who actually SHOW themselves on the videos, that is, rather than just having a voiceover on a computer screen — seem to be men.  I suppose that’s not true and just a skewed sample from the training.

Or maybe not.  It seems infinitely easier for a man to pull himself together and be presentable, at least by societal norms, so maybe a disproportionately large number of men do video blogs.

How is that relevant? I’m not sure that it is, but I thought it was worth noting the seeming injustice of it. If it IS true, it actually creates an awesome opportunity for me to be one of the rare women with a regular vlog.

The one video I did so far, an introduction to SkyGames, took many many takes, and I don’t think the end result is something I want to repeat. Well, that was actually the second video. The first was a cop-out where I tried the voice-over-text approach.  Lame.  Judge for yourself on YouTube.

My goal is to create videos regularly while enjoying the process and not frightening my viewers.

Anyone have any good ideas on how I can do that?



Makeup, men and videos — 5 Comments

  1. I think your inner light shines so bright that when you smile and speak you look beautiful with or without make-up. Also, a little good lighting goes a long way. 🙂

  2. I think your inner light shines so bright that when you smile and speak you look beautiful with or without make-up. Also, a little good lighting goes a long way. 🙂

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