My own goal for the next 90 days

During the past few months, I’ve come to realize that I am very good at legal recruiting (it has made me a LOT of money that has helped support various other business ventures), but every time I place a lawyer, I have to reinvent the wheel.

EVERY time.

That lead me to start exploring other business models where I could do all that hard work once and establish a business that had residual value and passive or at least semi passive income.

I decided in early July to become a network marketing professional and invested amazingly low amounts in two businesses.  Once you’ve started a business on your own and put thousands – sometimes tens of thousands — of dollars into websites, marketing materials, and other startup costs, you simply giggle at the low entry-point investment of a network marketing business.

Since then I’ve been eagerly gobbling up all the info I can find on how to market online and in person, and trying to remain open to what I consider fairly hype-y (is that a word?) pitches from those who market to the network marketing professionals. I fit into a strangely small segment of the population when I’ve taken personality tests, and that small segment tends to be a bit difficult to sell….

The folks at Futuristic Marketing seem genuinely enthusiastic, and their product seems pretty darn terrific, so just tonight I signed on. Part of the package is some sort of 90-day mentoring/team thing, which almost stopped me from doing it. With all due respect to my future teammates, I was always the dorky kid in the school who did all the work on group projects, and years later I still am not keen on teams…..but I’m going to put aside my attitude and dive into this.  I figure they must have a pretty good dose of quirky individualism to be attracted to this, too, or so I hope…so at the very least I’ll meet some interesting people.

Besides, I trust that things happen for a reason, and in early July, I set a 3-6 month time frame to put heart and soul into my two new businesses to give them a go.  This falls so sweetly within that, I figure it’s fate…or just a really good webinar :).

I’d love to hear from others who decided to do it (and who didn’t!).


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