Resolutions: Choosing Them Carefully

I’m confident the world isn’t going to end later this week,** so it’s a good time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. This is the first of a 3-part series about setting your goals, keeping your goals, and rewarding yourself for a job well done.

First is setting them. You may have heard of setting SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound. Although I agree that those factors are important, I think more important to your success is first figuring out what goals you are passionate about.

And by you I mean you. You may have loved ones who want you to lose weight, stop smoking, get a new job, or quit drinking, but what do you really want to accomplish in 2013? What is really important to you? What are you passionate about?

Choosing the right goal is critical to success since accomplishing a goal is usually more difficult than we first think. We start out with great intentions on the 1st of January, but by the time the 31st of January rolls around, we’ve long forgotten what we wanted to accomplish. (Statistically, actually, it’s even worse than that: According to a report cited by Tony Robbins, 95 percent of people break their resolution by the 15th of January!)

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Unless it’s something we’re passionate about. So take some time and figure out what you really want to do in 2013. Is it pursue a long-forgotten dream like learning to sail or writing a novel? Learning Portuguese so you can visit your distant relatives in Europe next summer? Running a marathon? What makes your heart sing?

What are you passionate about accomplishing in 2013?

(also check out accomplishing your resolutions and encouraging yourself to keep going).

**I was right; it didn’t.

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