Time passes and accountability arrives

I’m now two weeks into my 90 days, and until yesterday I had done exactly nothing with the FM materials. I’ve been hunkered down working on this site (see: Clueless? Top 3 Ways to Tackle a New Project).  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Two weeks of website building vs. one weekend afternoon to create an ad through Futuristic Marketing’s Facebook lead generating system for my Facebook fan page and start an ad campaign. Happy and grateful to have had someone else do the legwork. The training materials are great. I’m not sure if someone on their team actually has experience creating educational materials or not, but they seem to know to what they’re doing. It’s step-by-step and incredibly easy to follow. Just the little hints about where to find good a privacy policy and legal disclaimers page make it well worth it. Lots of time saved.

Of course, the big catch seems to be the ability to write great ad copy. They can only get you so far with the mechanics, and then the rest is up to the user – me! – to create enticing copy that will lure people to Oxygen4Energy and SkyGames, to our goalshappenhere.com site, etc.

I have my first ad campaign running, for Oxygen4Energy, targeting athletes who use the product. I gave the campaign a whopping $50 budget…figure I can’t do too much damage with that if I bomb. Wait. No. That’s not thinking positively. I won’t bomb! I’ll get so many click-throughs that I’ll want to change the campaign to pay per-impression instead.

What does your fan page look like?

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