WAY More Important than a Mere Resolution: Being True to Yourself

Making sure you stay true to yourself is more important than a mere goal: It’s the foundation for your goals and resolutions.

We all have inside of us a compass that let’s us know if we’re on track, and that compass is our emotions. If you’re feeling good, you’re on track with yourself and being true to yourself and your purpose. If you’re not feeling good, whether that means angry, sad, hurt, disappointed, you’re not on track, and then it’s up to you to figure out why you’re not.

Examples of getting off course include:

Feeling angry at a decision you’ve made, like when you say “yes” to plans you don’t want to have.

Feeling like you’re not treating yourself with respect because you’re letting someone else treat you with disrespect.

Feeling like you’re not being the best person you can be because you’ve yelled or otherwise behaved in a way that hurts others.

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It’s easy to blame someone else, but ultimately we’re responsible for our own feelings and staying true to ourselves. If you feel as though someone is “making you act” in a way that throws you off course, it’s up to you to get back on course.

How do you make sure you’re staying on course?


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