What Have You Accomplished So Far in 2013?


You make lists of what you need to do, so why not make a list of everything you’ve already done so far this year? Be proud of what you’ve accomplished and give yourself some recognition for it.

Did you start a new job?

Get a promotion?

Resolve a difficult situation with spouse, friend, co-worker, sibling, or your boss?

Start eating more healthfully?

Take a great vacation?

Learn something new?

Read more books?

Start writing a book?

Start a new business?

Get happier?

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Deepen your spirituality?

Help your child/a child learn something new?

Find a new hobby?

Watch less TV?

Take a moment right now and start a list of everything you’ve done this year. Think in terms of broad categories to get you started: Work. Spouse. Children. Friends. Hobbies. Spiritual goals.

Acknowledge yourself and all you’ve done, and know that you’ll be able to do that much or more in the future. Recognizing what we’ve already done reinforces our success with our subconscious, making us feel more confident about accomplishing new goals.

What’s one thing you’ve done that you’d like to tell us about here?



What Have You Accomplished So Far in 2013? — 10 Comments

  1. I have accomplished half of my goals to the finishing of publishing a book series that deals with a ten year old spider centuar and her parents and a bunch of revengeful seeking and controlling human barbarian spiders who want to rule earth and humans. I plan to change my outlook and inner appearance all within the year of 2013 and then some.

  2. Congratulations! Wow, that’s a lot of spiders….I have a couple of friends with a serious spider phobia….perhaps I need to get them copies of your book :).

  3. I finished mybatchelors degree, after leaving school to raise a family 20 years ago.

    I finished 12 books.

  4. Congratulations! And 12 books — if that’s in addition to your degree, I’m very impressed. It’s hard to find time to read on top of going to school.

  5. I got my sister admitted to college, eventhough I am still struglling to pursue post graduation.

  6. Congratulations on your success with your sister! Be confident that you’ll find the same success for your own studies.

  7. Hey Meg, sometimes I focus on all the things I HAVE NOT YET done. It’s refreshing to think about what I have completed!!

    I’m going to ask you what have YOU accomplished???

    Here’s my short list of what I’ve accomplished.

    I published my book in April- it’s on Amazon.com (Powerful Thinking on Purpose)

    I’ve gotten engaged and I’ll be married next May. Not really an accomplishment, but I’m really happy about marrying my soul mate.

    I’ve begun my membership program.

    I’ve completed 4 videos and have gotten over my uncomfortable feelings about video.
    I know. I’m a Ct. Hypnotist and I’m not supposed to have fears lol!

  8. Hi Meg,

    You are absolutely right in what you say. When you take a moment to reflect upon the good things that you’ve done rather than the things you still haven’t done, you do feel good about yourself and more energised to move on to the next project. It’s a great way as well to see where your strengths lay as invariably, over a year, the projects you have successfully completed and delivered are those which inspired you and gave you the best opportunity to show others (and yourself) just what you can do when you maximise your own talents.

  9. Well put, Evan! It’s so easy to stay in motion without taking a moment to reflect on what we’ve accomplished.

  10. Ha! Nicely done, Wendy! Yes, I’m as guilty of it as anyone else. Congratulations on all you’ve done. I for one think finding your soul mate belongs on the list, especially since I put finding mine my short list of my priorities this year. I’m not nearly as far along as you are, but let’s just say that things are looking very promising….And I also very much relate to the video discomfort. It’s so much easier to help others get over *their* discomforts!

    Let’s see….so far this year: I started the Motivational and Success Digest LinkedIn group (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/Motivational-Success-Digest-4924607?trk=my_groups-b-grp-v), along with the weekly Motivational and Success Digest on this site (https://goalshappenhere.com/motivationa-digest). I continued a regular blogging habit, and added video and images. I’ve spent more time nurturing my friendships and personal relationships instead of just grinding away at work. I started a weekly habit of reviewing my goals and accomplishments to stay on track, and reestablished a daily reading habit that had fallen by the wayside. I created two courses and an ebook to help others with their career, money, and success issues.

    Thank you for asking :).