7 Things to Stop Talking About

Want to improve your relationships with others and make your own life happier? Here are 7 things everyone will be grateful for you to stop talking about (including you!):

1.  Things you can’t change: Your commute, the weather, the traffic, the long elevator ride to your office, the past, the losing season of your favorite team are just a few examples. Stop. Talking. About. It.

2. Things you are trying to change but are having a hard time with. Do or do not. There is no try (Yoda). Devote all that verbal energy to actually doing something about losing weight, stopping smoking, etc. Join a support group if you want to talk about it and preserve your relationship with your friends and family.

3. Creative things you are in the middle of, well, creating.  Talking about your book, your idea for a new song, or your new watercolor project will dissipate your creative energy and leave you with nothing for your project.

4. Your health. You’re tired, you have a migraine, you’ve discovered you can’t eat gluten. Your mother may — may! — want these details, but no one else does.

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5. How hard you’re working. We’re proud of you, but we feel like we’re working hard, too.

6. How bad your marriage or other relationship is. Obviously there are some exceptions in all these categories for the closest of friends and family members, especially if you’re careful not to overdo it. But your relationship should not be the subject of conversation at the office, or the first thing you mention every time you have lunch with your best friend.

7. How ungrateful your children and/or spouse are. We’re sorry you feel that way, but what can we do about it? You need to be talking with them and fixing the problem.

What one thing are you going to stop talking about this week?


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  1. Thanks for the tip it sound as though you know just
    how to talk to me .This has helped me very much