7 Ways to Get More Shares

1. Include your name/website name on images, but not so prominently that you overwhelm the image. That way I can download and repost wherever I’d like, and you’re still getting credit.

2. Include the title of the article in your shortlinks wherever possible. That way no matter where and how your article is reposted, the subject is clear from the link alone.

3. Use original images. Maybe it’s just me, but some of the rottenecards.com, someecards.com, etc. images have been overused. Come up with an original image to go along with your clever quote.

4. Properly attribute quotations if you didn’t create them. Yes, I look things up, and it’s annoying when you don’t give proper credit.

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5. Check your spelling and grammar, including your use of apostrophes and other commonly misused punctuation and words.

6. Leave space for shares in your post.

7. Show the share love by sharing something of mine rather than thanking me.

What tips do you have for making content more shareable?


7 Ways to Get More Shares — 2 Comments

  1. Excellent point, Justice! I’ve heard that as well. Any suggestions for how to create them?