Akashic Consultations for Lisa Barnett’s Contact List

Welcome to my introductory Akashic consultations page! Would you like to learn more about your soul’s goals? Be more creative? Remove blocks standing between you and abundance? Eliminate the blocks interfering with an enjoyable relationship?

I’m a student in Lisa Barnett’s Akashic Career Mastery Program, and Lisa has given me your name as someone who is interested in receiving a free 30-minute consultation. During your consultation, I will help your Akashic Beings of Light communicate with you to help you on your soul path. I will also work with your Beings of Light to remove blocks, from this life and others, to help you live the life you want to live.

Please book your 30-minute consultation below and call this number at your scheduled time:

Conference: 716-748-0611 PIN: 14423.

If you are booked for a Skype call, please initiate the Skype audio call to Meg Zampino (note: It is Meg, not Megan).

NOTE: All times are in Pacific Time (same as Los Angeles, CA).

Please download and return this consent form and review the letter and questions to help you prepare for your session.

I will use the email address you provide to send a Paypal invoice. Payment is due before your consultation.

All information provided, including your contact information below, will be kept confidential.

If you find your reading helpful, I would appreciate a short testimonial about your experience!