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Do you want to illuminate your soul path? Do you want better flow with:

• Business
• Relationships
• Money
• Creativity

Sign up now for the highest and best solutions for your life! I’m offering a limited-time special price of two Akashic consultations for $92 (one for $65). This price is available only for phone, Skype, or email sessions.

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Not familiar with the Akashic records or what an Akashic consultation is?
 Skeptical? Worry not. If you don’t find your appointment helpful, I’ll refund your payment. Help your soul help you and explore something new!

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Your two sessions (you and a friend or other loved one…or use both readings for yourself) will be done separately, although they can be back-to-back on the same day.

Your Akashic consultation will help you:

• be more creative
• remove blocks standing between you and abundance
• learn about your soul’s goals

• eliminate the hurdles interfering with an enjoyable relationship
• make more effective decisions for your business and your career

Psychic, angel, and other readings occasionally tap into your Akashic Record – the record of your soul’s journey – but it’s hit or miss. During your Akashic consultation, I will go straight to your Akashic Beings of Light for guidance about your particular soul path in your Akashic Record. I will also work with your Beings of Light to remove financial, relationship, and other blocks so you can live a life you love.

Please book your 30-minute consultation(s) below (sign up separately if you’re doing the two appointments for $92). Call this number at your scheduled time:

Conference: 716-748-0611 PIN: 14423.

If you book a Skype call (choose “Skype Audio” from the location dropdown menu on the calendar) please initiate the Skype audio call to Meg Zampino (note: It is Meg, not Megan).

NOTE: All times are in Pacific Time (same as Los Angeles, CA).

Please download and return this consent form and review the letter and questions to prepare for your session. If you’re taking advantage of the two consultations for $92, be sure you both complete separate consent forms and you both review the letter and sample questions.

All information provided, including your contact information below, will be kept confidential.

If you find your reading helpful, I would appreciate a short testimonial about your experience! 

With light and love,

Meg Bertini





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