Do You Fear Change?

This might be the most insidious fear of all since anytime you pursue your goals, you’re going to change your life. If you’re not aware of your fear of change, you might get in your own way without even knowing it.

Fear of change can come from:

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of loss. Yes, if you accomplish your goals, you’ll get something. But what will you lose/what do you fear you’ll lose?

Fear of alienating friends and family and coworkers/fear of not being liked.

Fear of leaving your comfort zone.

Fear that the change will leave you vulnerable or feeling not good enough at the new level you reach.

Embracing change means leaving behind the known and embracing the unknown. You may want more money, a better relationship, a fitter body, but at some level you know you’ll be leaving behind a part of who you are now. And you know that part well and have carried it with you for a long time. That’s why people with a substance abuse problem will often have to hit rock bottom before they change anything: It may not always feel good, but it’s comfortable to have the addiction. The pain of the situation has to be greater than the fear of change.

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To deal with the fear of change, try asking yourself: Why do you feel like there will be a lack of something (time, money, something else) once you make the change? Why do you feel like you’ll be alone? Why don’t you feel supported?

You might also try identifying and writing down what you fear about the change and why you’re anxious, and then also write down the positive aspects of making the change.

Basically, you want to figure out what your hidden blocks are and bring them into the light to examine. This isn’t always easy because, after all, they’re hidden. But sometimes just taking a step back and asking yourself why you not moving forward as you should logically be doing is enough to make you realize those blocks are there.

Do you fear change, and if so, how do you handle it?

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