Favorite Personal and Business Development Resources

Several of you have asked, so here are a few things that have helped me both personally and professionally. My personal and business growth are very much intertwined: The better I know myself, the better I seem to be at everything I do.  The list is by no means all-inclusive, and I make no guarantees that what worked for me will resonate with you, let alone be effective for you.

With all that said, please check out these suggestions. And please leave your comments below to let other readers know what works for you. You might well provide the suggestion that can change someone’s life.

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Lynn Grabhorn

Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn: This is a terrific book that first helped me realize that my choices create my life.

Strengths Finder

My strengths are intellection, strategic, activator, achiever, and ideation.  What are yours? Gives you tips on how to handle the people who baffle you at work, too.

Strengths Finder books & more 

Sonia Choquette

Books, CDs, and more by Sonia Choquette: She’s all about learning to connect with your higher-self and getting in touch with the clear, still voice inside of you. She’s a psychic, so keep an open mind!


The first book I read of theirs, Ask & It Is Given, rang so true and so clear with me that I’ve been reading and listening to them ever since.

Books & more by Abraham-Hicks

Joe Vitale

You’ve probably heard of Joe Vitale; he has oodles of helpful books and recordings available.  Once homeless, he seems to have mastered the secrets to success. Here are three in particular I like. I’ve just started the Law of Attraction Certification; we can take the journey together if you’d like.

Clearing Meditation

Attract Money Now Meditation

Law of Attraction Certification

Attract Money Now is just .99 on Amazon…yes, that’s right.  Not even one dollar for the Kindle edition.

Books & more by Joe Vitale

Brain Sync

Change your thought patterns so you can lose weight, clear your limiting beliefs about money, and much more with Kelly Howell’s Brain Sync recordings. I was in a huge crash crunch a few years ago and I partly attribute my success in getting out of it to her Attract Wealth CD.)

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Mike Dooley

Writer of Notes from the Universe, he’s entertaining and lighthearted, a true joy to read.

Books & more by Mike Dooley

Success Magazine

Nothing is better for monthly boost of inspiration than Success Magazine.

Hay House

Hay House has a huge variety of inspirational books, and plus they run amazing seminars every year (The most highly recommended weekend conference is I CAN DO IT!).  Hay House authors include Wayne Dyer (check out his latest bestseller Wishes Fulfilled), Louise Hay (www.healyourlife.com), and Deepak Chopra.

What are your favorite inspirational books? Please leave a comment below! What helped you might also help someone else.

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