Gobsmacked: What Happens When You Don’t Listen

The British call the feeling of astonishment at something utterly surprising as being “gobsmacked”:

“I was utterly gobsmacked when I ran into my 85-year-old neighbor while trekking in Nepal.”

When you’re being redirected back to your soul path, however, this gobsmacking thing feels much more like an actual smack to get you back on track. If you’ve been ignoring subtle cues to change your life, you’ll likely end up being clunked over the head with, if you’re lucky, merely a virtual 2×4 so you’ll pay attention.

Here are a few ways the Universe works to return us to our soul’s path:

1. You’re fired. Those words instill fear in the person hearing them. No one wants to lose his or her livelihood, but stories abound about how getting fired was precisely what someone needed to discover what he or she was meant to do.

A newspaper editor fired Walt Disney for not being creative enough.

Salamon Brothers fired Michael Bloomberg and he used the severance check to found his own financial services company.

Dunkin Donuts (and apparently others) fired Madonna during her climb to stardom.

Read more examples here and here.

Mired in a work situation that makes you miserable? Get. Out. Now. Figure out an exit strategy – don’t let your family starve but don’t stay stuck, either – and find something that makes you happy.

Have you recently lost your job? What a great opportunity! Use it to go after your dreams.

2. You’re dumped. You might have had little clues that this person wasn’t the One for you, yet you couldn’t pull the trigger to get out. Or maybe you were coasting along, rationalizing dysfunction, mistreatment, or even abuse.

Does the person you’re with feel good to be around? It’s really that simple. You can’t expect someone to make you happy, but you should generally feel good around that person. Love doesn’t have to be a struggle, contrary to what many of us learned as children.

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Ask your friends in fabulous relationships: What happened along the way? Inevitably, they were dumped at least once, probably more.

It’s a gift that the other person has walked away, leaving you to find someone better and giving you a chance to learn and grow from your experience. Will you seize the opportunity and do it?

Dust yourself off, do a bit of self-analysis about what went wrong, and grow from it. Even if the other person was completely at fault and is the most awful human whoever lived, you chose him or her. What can you learn from that?

Check out https://www.doctornerdlove.com/2013/05/survive-being-dumped, https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/valley-girl-brain/201209/7-phrases-will-help-you-get-over-breakup, and https://thoughtcatalog.com/jeff-dunphy/2013/12/6-reasons-why-getting-dumped-is-good for good starting points.

3. You’re diagnosed. This is a difficult one for many people, and it’s metaphysical malpractice to try to figure out exactly what it is that someone else is supposed to learn from his or her medical issues. But if you are the one who has a medical condition, it’s worth considering that you have something to learn from the situation.

What part of your being are you neglecting? Sometimes there’s a direct physical relationship – you’re not eating enough veggies and get colon cancer — and sometimes you’re ignoring a part of your soul/inner being that’s trying to be heard. Dive deep to find your answers and don’t ignore the mind-body-spirit connection.

Check out these links for information to get you started:



And of course, Louise Hay’s seminal book:

Have you ever been virtually smacked over the head? Did it help you get back on track? How did you make the most out of the situation?


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