How to Find Groups & People to Support Your Dreams

A reader on Facebook asked me this question, and I thought many people would share her concern: How do you find positive, supportive groups and people? People who will encourage you to accomplish your goals and dreams?

1. It’s important to be the type of person you want to attract. So if you want to surround yourself with positive people, make sure you are positive and aren’t the one who’s always finding something to complain about. Too hot or too cold? Unless you can fix it, be quiet about it. Tired? Yes, we all are. Have too much to do at work? We all do. The idea is to find a group or individuals who will focus on the positive, rather than talking incessantly about all that is wrong.

2. Similarly, stop gossiping. You’re not going to attract positive, forward-thinking people by belittling others and focusing on what you don’t like in other people. Yes, even if you’re sure what you’re saying is true, don’t do it.

3. Be an action taker. Presumably you don’t want to find people who are just sitting around talking about all the wonderful things they want to accomplish; you want to find people who are doing wonderful things as well. To attract action takers, be an action taker.

4. Be open to meeting new people. While you’re going about your daily life, taking action toward your goals in a positive way, be open to the people the Universe sends your way. A friend of mine is great about this; she’s always on the lookout for new people she connects well with.

5. When you meet someone you connect with, don’t be shy about asking him or her for coffee or at the very least to be Facebook friends. This is how adults make friendships outside of work when we are no longer meeting people in student housing. It’s a bit trickier for men depending on the culture, but that’s where sports come in. Either watching or playing, it’s how you develop a new friendship.

Figure out a way to stay in touch with people you feel will add a positive aspect to your world. The friend I mentioned above? She’s relentless when she meets someone she knows will make a great pal. I know: She was relentless with me, and I’m forever grateful!

6. Explore groups where you may meet like-minded people. Here’s a short list; I welcome your suggestions for more.

Meetup ( Has groups about Tony Robbins, the Law of Attraction, Wayne Dyer, Sonia Choquette, etc., which are great starters for finding positive, like-minded people. You can also try searching for mastermind groups and business-related groups. Meetup is worldwide, and you can always start a group if you can’t find one that works for you.

LinkedIn ( Has local networking groups worldwide. Like Meetup, you can start your own group. LinkedIn is far more business-focused than Meetup, though, so the types of groups available (and the types you can start) aren’t as diverse.

Hay House ( Regularly hosts seminars in the US and other spots, and it’s a great place to meet positive people who are looking to create positive change in their lives.

Shaw Guides ( Offers a range of classes that will help you get out and meet people. They have offerings worldwide.

Local university events. Look for notices about speakers and seminars that feature positive-thinking professionals.

Adult Education courses. The more the concepts of thinking positively and attracting what you want cover the globe, the more there are classes at every level about it where you can meet like-minded people. Beyond just focusing on positive thinking, though, consider classes that are of interest to you that would also naturally attract positive people (like, maybe a cooking class. I haven’t met very many grumpy people who love to cook!). If you have a passion like photography, quilting, languages, etc., taking a class is a great way to get out and meet people, knowing that you’ll attract the right new, positive friends to you.

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What do you do to find positive people who support your goals?


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