Make the Holidays More Enjoyable with Forgiveness

It takes a strong person to say sorry, and an ever stronger person to forgive. – Vanessa Guzman


The holidays are here and most of us are going home to spend it with our family. You may also be reflecting on the year that has passed, making you think of the many positive and negative things that have happened. Thinking about forgiveness might be helpful in a number ways, allowing you to enjoy the season more and start the new year fresh.

While some would argue that forgiveness is overrated, there is unappreciated value in forgiving during the holidays. Insisting on keeping your resentment and carrying it to the new year doesn’t help anyone, especially you. And when you’re surrounded with happy people during the holidays, your anger and resentment can make you feel lonely, especially if you do not feel connected with your family and friends who are in the same room with you.

Forgiveness, however, is different from reconciliation, and just because you choose to forgive a family member doesn’t mean you have to spend the entire holiday together.

It does mean, though, that it will be easier to be polite and get through your family events in a better state of mind. Forgiving, though, also sometimes comes with the awareness that it’s ok to allow yourself not to spend time with family during the stressful holidays, and that’s all right too. You can forgive yourself for not participating in rituals that only cause you heartache!

Letting go of your anger and bitterness as the year comes to an end can be quite healing and will help you get your new year off to a positive start. Forgiveness will help you move on and allow you to create the life you want, rather than dwelling in the past, and what better time to do it than with the symbolism of the new year to help you out?

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