How to Get Your Goals Back on Track

Thankfully, persistence is a great substitute for talent. — Steve Martin

Has life derailed your goals? Here are some pointers to get back on track:

1. Figure out why you were derailed, but don’t dwell on it. Are you spending too much time on social media rather than taking steps toward your goals? Snacking in the evening when you know it’s bad for your diet? Buying yet more shoes even though your credit cards are maxed out? Saying “yes” to other people instead of focusing on your own needs?

Identify what you’ve been doing that’s getting in the way of your goals, then let the past be the past and don’t beat yourself up over it. Don’t think that it’s now too late to accomplish your goals just because you got off track. Get back on track today.

So yes, I’m saying that you derailed yourself, but the terrific thing is that means you can put yourself back on track!

2.  Consider whether you should change your goals. If you aren’t enjoying the journey to accomplishing your goals, maybe it’s time to pick a new goal or a new path. We change, we evolve, we live, we learn. Something that was right two years ago might not still be.

Consider what your underlying motivations were when you set your goal and whether you set your goals for the right reasons. If your motivation was purely financial, for example, it’s not surprising that your desire to stay on track with your goals waned over time. Most people need more than that to drive them to a positive end result.

Be realistic about your goals — no one really wants to be broke, either — but maybe it’s time to consider whether a different goal would suit you better. You might need a new track to jump on.

3. If your goals are still right for you, can you take a new direction or start from a fresh perspective? If you want to be a writer, for example, maybe you could write nonfiction instead of fiction? Or maybe focus on writing a blog?

If the underlying process feels right to you and is something you enjoy, maybe you just need a new approach to liven things up and get back on track.

4. Reevaluate the steps you are taking to meet your goals and consider what baby steps you can take to get back on track. If you’re getting in shape, for example, maybe you can exercise in the morning instead of in the evening. Or if you’re trying to lose weight, maybe it’s time to switch up your vegetables.  Sometimes a small change will help you get what you’re going more quickly than reevaluating your entire plan.

5. Reevaluate your daily priorities to make sure they’re in line with your goals. Days add up into weeks, and weeks into months. We’re 4 months into the year, and if you’re not happy with where you are so far, most likely it’s a daily habit (or lack thereof) that’s sabotaging you.

Taking one small step toward your goal everyday will help you get there.

6. Consider how to have more fun! Accomplishing your goals should feel great along the way, so figure out how to have more fun with them. Try stepping out of your comfort zone; if you usually work out alone, try a class. If you usually write alone, try a group. If you’re in a group and not getting anyplace, try working alone.

How can you make the day-to-day details more fun? Can you bet a friend that you’ll accomplish your goal first? Can you reward yourself with a special treat every week (one that doesn’t sabotage you long term, though!).

How can you fun-ify the journey?

What do you do to get back on track with your goals? Leave your comments below; your advice might be what helps another reader get back on track!


How to Get Your Goals Back on Track — 3 Comments

  1. For sure I thought lost, but through by-passing this message, I have a great chance and ample time for success.
    I have got a point, (It’s better to re-evaluate yourself before you surrender totally lost) my altitude will acknowledge success soon.

  2. Good luck, and let me know how it goes! I’m glad you found the article useful.

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