How to Motivate Your Team

Employees. Subordinates. Team. What you call those who work for you and with you signals how you relate to them. If you have a team, then chances are you’re relying on that team to help you reach your goals. How do you motivate them and influence them to do their best for you?

A few ideas:

1. What motivates them? The more you understand your team as individuals, the more you can shift your approach to meet their style. Are they motivated by money? By praise? By seeing their finished work product?

3. What’s important to them? Beyond what motivates them at work, what is important to them outside of the office? Do they have a family? Elderly parents to care for? A desire to travel? The more you know about the people around you, the more you can be sensitive to their needs when appropriate.

3. How do they like to receive their information? There are a lot of books out there on this topic, and one of my favorites is Strengths Finder, which will help you understand yourself as well as those around you. More generally, some people like to receive their information in writing, and others like to be told. Some prefer a lot of face time, while others would rather stay at their desks and receive email. The more you can adjust your leadership style to accommodate those around you, the more easily they will understand what you want and the more they will be inspired to do their best for you.

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4. What can you do differently? If you’re continually running into problems with the people who work for you, maybe it’s time to look at what you can do differently. Do you yell? Not listen to people? Not treat others with respect? Something to consider is that we often aren’t aware of how we come across or appear to others, so you might want to ask a trusted colleague for feedback.

How do you motivate your team?

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