It’s Not About the Money!

Money is a wonderful and beautiful thing, with which much good can be done, but having it as your driving force can be rather soulless. After reading/viewing a couple of other blogs recently, I realize that I’ve talked a lot about accomplishing goals, but haven’t said much yet about setting goals.  What your goals are matter, and they matter deeply.

First, the other blogs:

From Tiny Buddha:

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Then from Jonathon Budd, a video which is worth every minute of the 30 you’ll spend watching it:

Your Relationship with Money

Although I’d like to say that I welcome everyone here, the truth is that if your goal is to do evil…like, say, figuring out a better and faster way to decimate rainforests to make millions of dollars, this might not be the right place for you.

But what if your goal is to make money….and also do something beneficial in the meantime? It seems as though there are two types of goals: Soul-driven and ego-driven.  And although the ego has a bad reputation in some circles, ego-driven goals have a purpose. There’s nothing wrong with, for example, wanting to get in better shape to feel sexier, and that’s probably more of an ego-based goal. Or to find a new job because you’d like to be able to afford a new car.  Those are fine and arguably worthwhile, at least at the moment you’re seeking them.

Goals of the soul, though, are juicier. What’s your purpose on our planet? What makes your heart sing? What brings out your luminous being? Realizing you’re driven to teach others, for example, is a start, if that’s what you feel inclined to do.  Or to help others heal. Or to build a business empire that treats people fairly and well.

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What do your goals look like to you? How can you get from where you are to where you want to be? What steps can you take everyday to get closer to your goals, whether it’s a new car or a new direction in life?

I’ll be exploring those questions and more in future blogs, but I’d love to hear from you.  Have you found your soul’s purpose? If not, do you want to? Let’s explore and find the answers together.

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