Money Personality Quiz

Are you a penny pincher or a high roller? Take this quick awareness quiz to discover the roots of your money problems:

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Circle the statements that sound most like you:

A. Even when I want a certain specific product that suits my needs best, I will settle for a lesser model or brand to save money.

B. I don’t use a budget; I just spend what I want and hope it all works out.

B. I buy things on impulse and then wish I hadn’t.

A. When I’m at the grocery store, I always buy generic.

A. I wash my car by hand myself instead of driving through a car wash or having it detailed.

B. I always go see the latest movies when they come out, regardless of price.

A. I’ve regretted not buying something I saw at full price that I loved and couldn’t find again later.

A. I will drive around town to find the cheapest gas.

A. I wouldn’t dream of buying a name-brand product without a coupon.

B. I always buy things I love when I see them, regardless of price.

B. I often make last-minutes decisions to go to concerts and other forms of entertainment, even if it’s not in my budget.

A. I will drive across town to save $10 on something I’m buying.

B. I shop when I’m sad.  I shop to celebrate.

A. When I’m shopping for something new – shoes, a stereo – I will never buy the first thing I see, even if I love it.

B. I’ve carried credit-card debt for non-emergency purchases, like clothing or electronics.

B. I hide the evidence of what I’ve purchased by cutting off tags, pretending it was in my closet all along, etc.

A. Every time I wanted something new as a child, I had to convince my parents I needed it.

B. I’ve found brand-new things in the back of my closet that I’ve never worn and had forgotten about.

B. I spend time rationalizing to myself or to others why I bought something.

Now count up how many As and how many Bs you have.  If you have mostly As, you’re a penny pincher. Lighten up a bit and work on expanding how you look at money. Trust that you will have enough, and don’t talk yourself out of buying things you really want and can afford.

If you have mostly Bs, you’re a high roller, and it might be time to look at the reasons you’re spending money you don’t have.  Naturally we all want to work on bringing more money into our lives and not giving up things we really want, but if you’re spending money to fix problems you should be dealing with in another way, it might be time to look for other solutions.

Are you a penny pincher or a high roller? What one step are you going to take this week to change how you look at money?

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(Go here to get your FREE report: 5 Questions Successful People Ask ($12.95 USD value). Link opens in new window so you won’t lose your spot.)


Money Personality Quiz — 2 Comments

  1. Not all the questions will apply to everyone….and if you don’t have any problems with money, it’s likely none will! It’s just a fun little quiz to assess where you are in a general way.

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