Motivate Yourself to do Better in the Year of the Fire Rooster

What is the use of running when we are not on the right road? – German Proverb


The Lunar New Year has come and gone, so we’re now in the Year of the Fire Rooster. Last year was a challenging year for many people, so any excuse to look for a fresh start is welcomed.

But what do you do with that fresh start? How do you get motivated to do better and grow as a person in whatever ways you’d like: mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically?

Here are some ways to motivate yourself to do better in 2017:


Look forward to a better you by Friday, February 16, 2018
That’s the start of the Year of the Dog. When you look back at 2017 a year from now, what do you want to see? Much of motivation is looking at the positive results you will have in the future. Imagine a healthy and fabulous version of yourself by the time the Year of the Dog comes around. Commit yourself to achieving that vision.

Start by being honest with yourself
What do you really want to change about yourself? What are you hiding from yourself? What – in those quiet, still moments – do you avoid looking at in yourself because you’re afraid of what you’ll see?

On the flip side, what do you feel like you should change just because everyone is telling you to? Do you smoke, yet you really don’t care – deep down inside, where it really counts – about stopping? You should (add me to the list of people who think you should) but if *you* don’t think you should, then you might as well focus on goals you actually want to achieve.

Remember to reward yourself
Cut yourself some slack. You are not a robot. You want to write a book, go to the gym five days a week, and learn to cook like Martha Stewart. Occasionally, give in to your urge to watch television even just for an hour. Treat yourself to a massage or read a book instead of writing one. A little treat once in a while will boost your motivation.

Punish yourself, too
Punishment can be just as powerful in influencing motivation as rewards. What if you fail to achieve your goals? What are the repercussions? Identifying the downsides and being clear about them will help you be serious about achieving your goals.

What steps are you taking to accomplish your goals in 2017?

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