Overcoming Money Blocks: Tools to Use

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Ever since the movie the Secret came out in 2006, the market for products to help people find prosperity has blossomed.  Certainly there have always been books, CDs, etc., to help people connect with their natural abundance, but the industry has grown exponentially the past few years.

We talked about how to discover your money blocks and how to use affirmations and what you’re already good at to overcome them.  This week I want to give you a few resources to help expedite your journey to prosperity. I’ve used these methods to varying degrees, and I can’t guarantee that what worked for me will work for you. We all have different paths, different backgrounds, etc.

See what, if anything, resonates with you. Experiment.  Maybe share some of these with friends and swap books, CDs etc. back and forth to see what works best for you.

The list below relates to removing your own resistance to prosperity. There are also more external things you can do, such as feng shui, crystals, and never putting your purse on the floor (a friend of mine swears by that rule!).  And, of course, you can buy books on financial planning, watch the Suze Orman show, and learn how to budget.  My focus here, though, is helping you clear your own subconscious blocks and get out of your own way to allow prosperity in.

In no particular order:

1. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also know as tapping, can be a powerful way for people to release their energy blocks to prosperity.  The concept behind tapping is, well, to tap various energy points on the body while saying affirmations about abundance, self-acceptance, etc.

A Google search will turn up a variety of options, but here are few links to get you started:

Tapping Into Ultimate Success

EFT Resources

Go here for Margaret Lynch’s youtube page for several free EFT videos.

And here for Brad Yates’ videos.

2. Self-hypnosis.  Kelly Howell is my favorite, but there are a lot of products out there. Look for CDs/tracts that talk about theta, alpha, and other brainwaves.

From the Brain Sync website:

“Brain Sync audio programs deliver pure and precisely tuned sound frequencies to the brain to drive brain activity into high level states of mind. These are brain states known as: Alpha for heightened creativity and deep relaxation; Beta for high focus and concentration; Theta for meditation, insight and memory; Delta for deep sleep and healing; and Gamma to increase cognition and improve IQ.”

On the Brain Sync site you’ll find downloadable tracts specifically for creating prosperity (and whatever else you want to accomplish):

Kelly Howell/Brain Sync

For other resources, check out:

Hypnosis for attracting wealth

For free Youtube videos, go here.

3. The Akashic records. The Akashic records are the records of everything in the universe. Yes, it sounds a little out there, but if you’re open to learning more, you might find that it makes sense.  Here’s the Wikipedia entry to get you started.

On a personal level, your Akashic records are a history of your soul’s journey through time. While on that journey, we sometimes we collect stuff that needs to be released, such as a vow of poverty we took in a past life.

Lisa Barnett is an Akashic records expert, and she has classes as well as individual sessions to help you learn how to open your Akashic Records and release your blocks, whether created in this lifetime or in the past. It’s hard to let abundance in if you have a vow of poverty in the way, isn’t it?

Her website is www.akashicknowing.com. If you reach out to her, tell her I sent you. I’ve taken classes with her, had her do readings for me, and she’s also a friend.

More generally, here are other resources for you to explore about the Akashic records.

4. Joe Vitale does a lot with Ho’oponopono (an ancient Hawaiian clearing technique) and has a lot of tracts, affirmations, books, etc. to help you achieve prosperity. His approach is holistic, and the information that deals with clearing your subconscious to allow money in also helps you clear out negative feelings in general.

Clearing Meditation

Attract Money Now Meditation

Attract Money Now is just .99 on Amazon…yes, that’s right. Not even one dollar for the Kindle edition.

Books & more by Joe Vitale

5. Abraham-Hicks has a lot of information and materials.

One of my favorites is their Getting Into The Vortex: Guided Meditations CD and User Guide.

For other books, DVDs, etc.: Abraham-Hicks Resources

Their website has numerous free videos: www.abrahamhicks.com.

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6. Hay House has a number of seminars. They run seminars across the US and the world. Their I Can Do It conferences in particular are worth noting (follow the link and scroll down the page a bit for the listing).

Hay House Events

Do you have favorite tools to release money blocks? Which of these are you going to try first?

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