Rip off the Band-Aid and Do It

A bit like going cold turkey, ripping off the band-aid refers to taking sudden, swift on action on something you’ve been putting off doing/stopping doing.

What is ONE thing you wish would be different about your life when you wake up tomorrow?

Go for it. Make sure before you go to sleep tonight, you’ve dealt with it, whatever it is.  Maybe it’s not something you can accomplish all in one day, or even a week. But make sure you take that first baby step today.

Do you want to write a book? Write the first five pages today.

Do you want to start a new business? Sign up for an adult education class or join a local business group today.

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Do you want to learn a new language? Buy the DVDs or sign up for a class today.

You might have several things you wish were different, but pick just one and do one thing today toward that goal. Then tomorrow, for the same goal, do just one more thing. The day after, the same. Do this for two weeks.

Where did you end up after two weeks of taking one step a day toward your goal?

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