Scattered, smothered, and covered

As much as I know that staying focused is critical in achieving my goals, I’ve come to realize over the past few days that I’m not even remotely close to focused right now.

Each email I open, each blog I read, and each Facebook entry I scan seems to point to a new, shiny social networking site, tool, or tactic to use. All promise great success, scads of new followers, and oodles of money.

I’m sure all these tools are effective if implemented properly, but there’s the key: Properly. It’s hard to do it right when you’re trying to establish meaningful contact on multitudes of sites. And if you try to do it all, you end up feeling like plate of shredded potatoes.

(for those not familiar with the decadent yummy goodness of Waffle House Hashbrowns and my references to them, here’s a nice summary.

On the other hand, it’s important to stay open, and I almost passed by Spiritual Networks, which would have been silly especially considering my own metaphysical beliefs.

So I need to strike a balance between being open to new information, yet staying focused enough to get where I want to go. That means figuring out a system of prioritizing what’s what I want to accomplish with with our GHH community, and then figuring out what social media sites will help me get there in the most fun and efficient way.

My goals with this site include providing useful content to people who want to reach their goals, encouraging meaningful dialogue about goals, and helping people figure out what their goals are in the first place. Facebook seems like a natural for that (like us, please), as does Spiritual Networks. Both seem to engage the community at a deeper level in a more personal way. Facebook is very enjoyable to me, and although I’m new to Spiritual Networks, I think it will be as well.

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The top three contenders for the third seem to be Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. (Three seems to be a manageable number of social networking sites to participate in meaningfully). I have a presence on two out of these three already, but I’d love feedback on which you think would be more effective to dive into and focus on. Thoughts, anyone? Which of those three do you find most helpful to you? Or is there another, different site that I should consider more strongly?

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