How to Figure Out What You Want: Tap Into the Smart Part of You

When I launched, I heard several questions repeated, and these questions all had a similar theme:”How do I figure out what I want?” or “How do I find something that excites me, that I’m passionate about?” or “I don’t even know what I want, so how can I set goals?”

Those questions were a driving force behind my launching This will be the first in a number of articles intended to help you figure out what you want in various parts of your life.

Once you figure out the process in one area, though, the rest gets much easier.

What’s the secret?

Tapping into the part of you that’s smarter than, well, you.


Basically, we all have inside of ourselves a sense of what’s best for us, but we often lose touch with that sense because we spend our lives listening to what other people think is best for us. This usually starts when we’re children, when we try to please our parents. Seeing as how they took care of us (and disciplined us when we didn’t listen!), paying attention to them wasn’t such a bad idea.

The listening to others, though, pretty much keeps going until we become self-aware enough to stop the madness and learn to tune into ourselves.

What exactly are we tuning into? Our higher selves. Our souls. Our subconscious. Think of it whatever way works best for you and your belief system.

How do we tap into that? Countless gurus all have methods and processes and formulas (and the accompanying books and tapes to teach us how to perfect their particular modality). With so many options, how do you know which is right for you?

Trust your instincts. God/the Universe was kind enough to provide many many ways of tapping into your soul, so trust that you’ll find the right method (or methods) that resonate with you. If it doesn’t feel right or seems silly, then maybe it’s best to explore another choice.

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Keep in mind, though, that growth often happens where your ego meets discomfort, so don’t dismiss something solely because you feel uneasy. Take a moment to reflect about the source of the discomfort. Do you trust the messenger (eg, guru?)? No? Then explore another option.

Does it, however, irritate you and make you face truths you wish you could ignore? Cha-ching! You’ve hit the jackpot and you should strongly consider exploring that modality further.

Sometimes figuring out the right modality is a multi-step process. What works for you now might seem trite in three years. You’re growing, and so the processes you use might change and grow, too.

For now, though, I’d like you to find the method that helps you take the first steps toward figuring out what you want. What’s the best way to do that? Listening to your soul/higher-self/subconscious for guidance, of course!

Here are a few ways to recognize when your soul is guiding you toward a particular process:

• Multiple people have asked you to explore a particular spiritual teacher, go to an event, or read a special book.

• Similarly, a number of people have told you how fantastic yoga is, how they swear by reiki, or how they can’t live without tai chi. If you hear it several times, it might be time to check it out.

• A book literally falls off the shelf at the bookstore or library as you’re browsing that aisle. (Laugh if you’d like, but many people have found the right process that way).

• A song from a particular artist guides you to explore a particular modality.

• A concept or idea keeps popping into your head at random times, such as when you’re in the shower or driving.

Just the fact that you’re drawn to thinking about the topic means your soul is nudging you. Now it’s up to you find a way to listen!

(Check out my next post: How to Figure Out What You Want: Learn How to Listen to Your Soul.)

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