Hanging onto Resolve

We all know the moment: You look at the scale first thing in the morning and resolve to eat less and exercise more. You look at your bank account balance and decide you need to find a better way to make money. You read a great book and think “I can do that, too.”

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At that very moment, you have resolve. You have the fire-in-your belly, the drive, the determination to accomplish your goal.

Nothing will get in your way.

And then you get into work and someone brings in homemade cookies. You get a paycheck from your job and think it’s better than nothing; why take a chance? You sit down to write, but you’re too tired and figure you can start another day.

Our lives are filled with distractions and temptations. Ask yourself, though, if tomorrow morning you will feel better about yourself if you stick to your goals.

Of course the answer is yes.

So how do you grasp that feeling of resolve and hang onto it all day?

Know your weaknesses. Is it when you’re tired? Distracted? When you want to make someone else feel good? “Sure, I’ll take a cookie” because you’re afraid you’ll hurt someone’s feelings if you don’t? Is having the TV on a habit that distracts you from what you really want to do?

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I don’t think anyone has died saying “I wish I’d watched more TV.”

Stick a big note someplace to remind you of what’s important to you. Write it on your hand if you must. Use an app to create a wallpaper reminder on your phone.

What do you do to hang onto your resolve throughout the day?