When is the Right Time to Change Your Job?

Is it the right time for you to change jobs? Here are a few factors to consider:

1. Is it you or the job? Take a good, hard look at yourself and your track record with employers. Are you having the some complaints you always have? Are all of your bosses unreasonable? All the people you work with incompetent?

If the problem is actually within yourself, changing your job isn’t going to make a difference, and you’ll just end up with a resume that makes you look like you move around too much.  Take the opportunity to evaluate if at least some of your discontent comes from within you.

2.  How is the overall job market? Is the economy good? Even if the economy good, is your particular sector doing well? That also applies the other way: The economy might be terrible overall, but your industry might be hot, making it a great time to find a new job. If you’re in an industry that uses recruiters, a lot of calls from headhunters is a good sign that the market is favorable.

3. Is there room for advancement where you are? You’re likely thinking there isn’t if you’re thinking about leaving, but reconsider: Are there opportunities where you are that you haven’t explored? Perhaps in other departments or other areas of the company?

4. Is there more to learn where you currently are that will make you even more valuable if you move? Consider how you look to other possible employers now vs. how you’ll look in 6 months or a year with additional experience or more depth to your current experience. It might be worth it to stay where you are for a while longer.

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5. Is your personal life in a good situation for you to change jobs? If you’ve just bought a house or are having a baby, it might be worth it to sit tight for a while longer. Anytime you’re new, you have to prove yourself again, and you might not be able to start off with as strong of an impression as you’d like if you’re otherwise distracted. A new job means a new learning curve, and you’ll like be devoting additional hours to the office. Are you ready for that?

What factors do you look at when you’re considering a new job?


When is the Right Time to Change Your Job? — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Meg

    Really you’ve mentioned some good points here. One more thing i would like to add here. One should also think to change the job when he feels that there is very little scope is left to learn new things. Personal development is as important as career development.

    Tauseef Alam

  2. Excellent point! It’s not just about learning for a specific career objective, but instead about becoming a better person overall.