Overcoming Money Blocks: Using What You’re Good At

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What comes easily and naturally to you? Is it friendships or other relationships? Your health? Raising your children? Public speaking? (really, it IS easy for some people!). Academics/learning? Foreign languages?

Take a moment and get the thing that comes naturally to you in your mind.

Got it?

Now feel how that thing feels to you. Since mine is health, I’m going to use that for my example, but keep in mind you should do this exercise with what your easy and natural thing is.

For me, good health just feels natural and right. I feel comfortable with it, and I feel at ease that it exists naturally and easily in my life. I feel like I can take it for granted as long as I take the proper steps to take care of myself: Eating properly, exercising, getting enough sleep. I never doubt my health, and I never question that I will have it. I know I deserve it, and I am grateful for it and appreciate it.  If I get a cold or other illness, I know I will recover quickly and easily.  I feel as though I am in the flow with my health.

Again, do this with your natural and easy thing is.  Write down your feelings about what you’re good at.

Now think about how you feel about money. (If you’re reading this article out of curiosity because abundance flows to you so naturally, you can use how you feel about money to work on something in your life that doesn’t flow easily and naturally. For example, a lot of people who are inherently great with money seem to have a lot of unhappy relationships.  You can use your money feelings to transform how you view relationships.)

For me, at least partly because of messages I received while growing up, money is different. Instead of coming easily from taking the right steps, I feel that I must work hard for money, and without that hard work, I don’t deserve having money flow to me.  Even with the hard work, I’m not certain I deserve more than just enough to pay my bills and maybe set aside a bit for savings. Abundant health is a given; abundant money is not.

Health flows naturally; money does not. Good health is something I deserve just for being me, but money is not.  If something goes wrong with money, it’s a much bigger issue for me than if something goes “wrong” with my health. I roll along with health glitches easily, but money issues derail me. I’m not naturally confident that money will flow to me.

People who are healthy are good; people who have a lot of money are naturally suspicious and might be doing something sneaky or wrong. I can never have too much health, but I could have too much money and that might make me a bad person.

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Thankfully, I’ve been working on my money issues, and much of what I wrote above is now in the past.  My flow with money is still not as natural as my flow with health, though, but now that I recognize the difference in the feelings and in my thinking, I can work on shifting my money consciousness to match my health consciousness.

What one step can you take this week to align your money feelings with the feelings you have about about something you’re already excelling in?