The Power of Video Affirmations

People have used mirrors for affirmations for quite some time, at least since Louise Hay suggested it in You Can Heal Your Life. Looking yourself in the eye and affirming what you want is quite powerful.

(for a cute and fun video showing you how this works, go here).

Even more powerful is a video affirmation, which you can play back and see the conviction in your eyes and hear the conviction in your words. You’re serious and you know it. And as I’ve said previously, if you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?

You can keep the process very simple and just use your laptop/computer to record your affirmations. Or you can get fancy and add backgrounds, photos, words, etc. in addition to the image of yourself and your words. You should do whatever feels right to you. Since I’m a fan of getting started and improving your method as you go, I would suggest keeping it simple until you get into a routine with it.

Be sure to use affirmations that ring true with you. Phrases such as “I choose” or “Wouldn’t it be terrific if” help your subconscious accept a new idea. So, for example, saying “Wouldn’t it be terrific to be thin” helps you lower your own resistance to the idea. If you just say “I am thin now” will frequently cause you to resist your own affirmation, which is counterproductive to accomplishing your goal.

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You can also use video affirmations to create a goal story as suggested by Don Bender in his book Fire Up Your Goals! He suggests a podcast in the book, but even more powerful is seeing yourself describe in full detail what accomplishing your goal looks like, right down to using all five senses.

Do you use video affirmations? Do you have any suggestions to help others get started?


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