When You’re Doing the Hiring

What’s the best way to interview a prospective employee when you’re doing the hiring? Here are a few tips:

1. Keep in mind that you’re selling them as much as they’re selling you. Many times good candidates will have choices, even in a bad job market. If you sell them on how great your company is, the worst thing that will happen is you have disappointed candidates who don’t get job offers. You want to avoid extending an offer that’s rejected.

2. Make sure you research the candidates before you meet with them. I have a friend who’s interviewing right now, and he’s told me on a number of occasions that the person interviewing him obviously hadn’t looked at his resume. Aside from being rude, it’s horribly inefficient.  Human resource personnel are usually good about being prepared, so this issue usually comes up with others in the interview process.

Aside from reviewing the candidates’ resumes, it’s also a good idea to Google them and look them up on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. At the very least you’ll find interesting things to talk with them about beyond what’s on their resume, and you might even find information that will eliminate them from consideration.

3. Be prepared with the questions you want to ask. Is a candidate’s specific qualifications the most important factor or is a good personality fit more what you’re looking for? Knowing ahead of time the traits you seek will allow you to make the most of your time while meeting with potential candidates.

For specific questions to ask, check out this article on Monster.com.

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4. Make sure you abide by all applicable laws. Certain questions are illegal, and you want to make sure you don’t violate any laws when you’re interviewing. Make sure all members of your team are aware of the importance of following your state or regional laws, as well as your national or federal laws. If you’re in the US, this article will give you an idea about what questions and topics are illegal.

Have you interviewed to bring on a new employee? What did you do to make the process more effective? Please leave your comments below, and be sure to complete the form at the top of this article to join my (non-spammy!) newsletter list.

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