You Must Know THIS Before Starting a Business

What is first thing to consider when starting a business? It is not how much money you’re going to make!

During the past few weeks we’ve talked about how to find and get the job you want, as well as how to overcome your issues with money.  This article is where job and prosperity meet: Having your own business can be the culmination of your career goals as well as your key to true abundance.

If you approach starting a business by thinking about how much money you’re going to make, though, you are almost certainly going to fail. Yes, making money is important, but first you must consider this:

How will you be helping other people?

By this I mean: What value will you be adding to their lives? What service, piece of information, or product will you be giving them that will add something positive to their lives?

If you look at the businesses that successful, especially the ones that are screamingly successful, they all add considerable value to people’s lives. They help make lives happier, easier, more fulfilled, or more informed. Good businesses create more of what people want.

Put yet another way: What can you do for others with your business?

Second, what do you enjoy doing? What are you so interested in and so passionate about that you are driven to do it? Again, do not think about the money when coming up with this answer. Consider your interests. Consider what makes you feel alive. Consider what makes your heart sing.

Frequently, especially in the early stages of a business, your passion alone will have to drive you. Even after you’re established, you will have challenging times, difficult clients and customers, and doubts about what you’re doing. If your foundation is based on profit alone, you will become disheartened, frustrated, and unhappy.

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If your foundation is your drive to fulfill a dream, you will have the motivation to get you through the tough times.

Next week I’m going to talk about network marketing businesses, a common way for people to start their own businesses. Finding one you’re passionate about is key to your success there, too.

What are you passionate about and can you create a successful business from it?


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